K-Beauty: What & Why

Over the last few years, Korean cultural icons such as K-Pop, K-Drama, movies and food has exploded and rocked the global scene.  Next up on the list of pop cultural exports is K-BEAUTY!  Korean beauty products are incredibly advanced, superior in performance, and always fun.  Through smart innovations with respect to clever ingredients, formulations, packaging and application methods K-Beauty products stand out as the next big thing from the land of the morning calm.  Let JO:AH take your skin care beauty regiment to the next level. 

Typical of the high energy Korean market is the demand and attention to quality and value.  There is a wide array of brands that vigorously compete to supply and satisfy this market.  Apart from fun and functional packaging a good product must be pleasing to all the senses, and enhance skin health and beauty without compromise.

Foreign consumers love Korean beauty products for diverse reasons.  Excellent quality skin care line product is selected as the best because of the product range being extremely diverse and subdivided compared to other countries.  Focusing on the skin's natural health rather than covering up with makeup is a beauty trend in Korea, which is now captivating the global market.  Variety of other skin care lines to fit every season to endure all four seasons in Korea is also unusual and fresh to foreign consumers.  Also, Korean beauty products are relatively offered at a much greater value which is always a plus!

The future of K-Beauty looks very interesting.  Hope this short intro was fun and informative.  Love to hear your thoughts as well!  How did YOU get into K-beauty?  Comment below or you can always email us at love@jo-ah.com for comments, questions and feedback.