SHEET MASK 101: What is 1 Day 1 Mask (1D1M)?

Do you know what 1 day 1 mask (1D1M) is?  It is becoming a very popular skin care system! 1D1M is using 1 sheet mask per day for extended period of time, generally 7 days to 4 weeks.  This challenge will change your dull and dry skin to smooth and glowing skin!  However, not all sheet masks are made with clean and safe ingredient so we need to be careful with ingredients in the sheet masks.  

Many are doing 1D1M challenge lately to help dehydrated skin during the fall/winter season. It is important to know the correct way to choose the right mask for your challenge to get a positive results!  Make sure ingredients are clean!!  Best to use masks with organic and natural ingredients or mask without any unsafe chemicals, but sometimes they can get little pricy.  If that is the case, or you just can’t find any that are totally natural, look for masks with less (1-3 instead of 5-7) risky ingredients.  Also make sure those ingredients are placed in the back of the ingredient list.  Moisturizing and soothing masks are better and choosing masks with less irritating ingredient will be more effective for 1D1M challenge.  High nutrition sheet mask can clog your pores and cause trouble when used for 1D1M, high nutrition masks are good to use once or twice a week. Hopefully these mini tips are helpful and if you have not tried 1D1M challenge yet, give it a try!  

Different types of mask sheets and different ways to get the most of your sheet mask coming up next on Mask 101 post so stay tuned!  We'd love to hear about your 1 day 1 mask challenge, please share and tell us about your challenge and results!  If you have any questions please leave comments below or write us