SHEET MASK 101: Why Use Sheet Masks?

No Mess, No Fuss

Facial sheet masks are individually wrapped, pre-cut face shape fabrics infused with serums which contain assorted skin care ingredients.  They are extremely convenient to use and ready for use when you open the package.  Sheet masks are one of the quickest ways to improve the health of your skin.  You simply place a mask over the clean face for about 20 minutes, then remove the mask.  THAT'S IT!  No mess and no clean up necessary when finished.  Sheet masks have become an airplane staple because they are so portable.  They are convenient travel companions!  You can get a beauty boost wherever and whenever you need one!

Results in just 20 minutes!

Sheet masks are effective, they supply nutrients quickly and efficiently because they adhere to your skin.   Your skin will be more soft, smooth and appear healthier just in about 20 minutes.  They are used to boost hydration, often giving you the results of a spa treatment!  

Targeted Treatments

Sheet masks have various types for different skin conditions; moisturizing, anti-aging, troubled skin, brightening, and more.  Depending on your skin type, you can tailor and choose a perfect fit mask sheet to target and correct your skin care concerns.  Also, there are assorted kinds of masks such as eye mask to relieve swelling and fatigue, a nose mask pack to remove the blackhead, lip care mask for lips and even hand and feet masks.