Rice Bran

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Rice provides the foundation of the Korean diet, an indispensable ingredient in Korean food and culture.  It is not only taste great but also excellent for beauty, it has numerous benefits for the body, inside and out.  

Rice bran is effective ingredient for skin care, as you can see from Japan's leading luxury skin care brand SK-II.  In the 1970s, SK-II was executing various research and efforts to find ingredients that would advance beauty of the skin.  They found something surprising from a senior researcher working in a brewery who regularly had to handle fermentation liquid of rice, old age but had really youthful and soft hands.  After a long period of research and studies, finally discovered SK-II's unique ingredient called PITERA™.  PITERA™ is a main ingredient of fermented rice bran which are rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids.  It has an excellent effect on enhancing and maintaining the 'natural moisture factor' of skin, the projection and softness of the skin.  

  1. Selenium
    There is a component called selenium in rice bran.  Selenium has a strong antioxidant ability, which is a good ingredient to slow down the aging process and help regenerate cells while removing free radicals.  Regeneration of skin cells means that the skin pigmentation, such as acne, scarring, atopy, and stinging is reduced and the skin tone becomes brighter.  When you are in your thirties, our worries are pigmentation and skin tone and it is excellent for such trouble!
  2. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Minerals and Iron
    Rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, minerals, and iron ingredients in rice bran, it removes skin irritation and increases the moisture in the skin and calms the skin as well.  It helps prevent appearance of skin imperfection such as, freckles and spots on the face.  With troubled skin, it helps soothe the irritation and let your skin become healthier by improving dryness and moisture retention of your skin.  People with a lot of skin imperfection are often lacking the essential minerals in their skin, and vitamin A, vitamin B, minerals, and iron also play a role in this imbalance.

Team JO:AH have tested various mask pack products containing rice bran extract and they really do brighten and soften your skin!!   We are working hard to select the best ones and we will be sharing our selections soon so stay tuned!