JO:AH's Picks: Pre-Makeup Sheet Mask

If you are doing pre-makeup sheet mask, we recommend using sheet masks that feels light but moisturizing and not too sticky after removing. You just need 10 to 15 minutes so throw on a sheet mask after shower in the morning and wear it while you are getting dressed or drying your hair. After removing, pat and message gently for absorption or wipe the remaining essence with toner. Apply your daily skin care products and followed by your daily makeup application. Make sure your skin care products are well absorbed before your makeup application, your makeup will set and hold lot better. Some say no time in the morning for a sheet mask but if you desire soft and plump skin, you need to invest some of your time and effort. You have to be diligent to have healthy and beautiful skin! If sheet masking in the morning is too much for you, you can always pre-makeup sheet mask before any special occasions. Here are some of our recommendation for pre-makeup sheet masks that are available at JO:AH.


This spirulina sheet mask is great for moisture boost. The sheet is thin and adheres well on your face so it will be tightly placed while you are wearing the mask. Natural moisturizing factors such as sodium hyaluronate(Hyaluronic Acid), a strong natural water storage and ceramide which improves skin barrier to prevent moisture evaporation, help retain moisture and replenish dry skin to keep skin firm and hydrated. This sheet mask is one of JO:AH's favourite and best sellers!


The synergy between the ingredients from snail and silk, also the NMFs(Natural Moisturizing Factors) strengthens your skin barrier and delivers long-lasting moisture for the skin. This mask is great choice for those looking for firm and tight skin. Make your skin more elastic and supple with the best ingredients from nature! Same as spirulina sheet mask, the sheet is thin and adheres well on your face. 


This premium quality mask is perfect for pre-makeup sheet mask. Experience instant results of brighter skin tone with natural glow and firmer skin texture with full of moisture! This one feels light yet it gives moisture boost and it doesn't get sticky after removing the mask. 

You can always try other sheet masks as well but you can start with the ones we mentioned here first if you are not sure which sheet mask would be good for pre-makeup masking. If you have tried pre-makeup sheet mask, share your experience and thoughts with us! Leave us comments down below or you can always write us at We appreciate any feedback, your comments will help us improve and we are always open to any suggestions and new ideas!