N.M.F Snail & Cocoon Silk Sheet Mask

The synergy between the ingredients from snail & silk and the NMFs (Natural Moisturizing Factors) strengthens your skin barrier and delivers long-lasting moisture for skin. Make your skin more elastic and supple with the best ingredients from nature.

Strong Moisturizing and Nourishing Barrier – Highly moisturizing essence full of natural nutrients.
Bio Clean-Up Sheet – Clean up heavy metals, make-up residues, and fine dusts.
Safe Prescription System – No dangerous ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin.


Snail Slime Filtrate
Mucin, an ingredient full of moisture and nutrients. Mucin in snail slime covers snail’s soft body and helps keep its body moisturized. Mucin contains lots of water and nutrients, and keeps skin moisturized and elastic. In particular, it is very helpful for reducing stress and soothing irritation. Also, glycolic acid and allantoin in snail slime invigorate sagging skin, remove dead skin cells from pores, and make skin smooth and soft.

Cocoon & Silk Extract
An ingredient very similar with the proteins in human skin. Silk protein, the protein that a silkworm produces to protect itself from dryness, is not only very similar to the protein in human skin, but it is also the purest natural protein among all proteins nature. Silk sericin in silk cocoons controls the balance of oil and water on the surface of your skin, improves skin elasticity, and keeps your skin moisturized for a long time.


This skin-friendly vegetable ingredient from beets, radishes, and roots of sugar beets is well absorbed into skin and contains much amino acids, the natural moisturizers, to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.

As a natural substance extracted from oak tree, Symphytum Officinate root, sugar beet, and wheatgrass, it acts in skin soothing and relieving effect and anti-allergenic effect.

Grape Fruit
This ingredient rich in vitamin C, it smoothens and regenerates your skin. It is also used as a natural preservative.

Jojoba Seed oil
This ingredient rich in vitamin A prevents roughness and protects skin from free radicals. This non-sticky oil does not clog skin pores and helps your skin easily absorb nutrients.


Natural moisturizing factors such as sodium hyaluronate(Hyaluronic Acid), a strong natural water storage and ceramide which improves skin barrier to prevent moisture evaporation, help retain moisture and replenish dry skin to keep skin firm and hydrated. 



The Best Natural Moisturizer! It looks perfectly dried, but it turns green as soon as it is watered. Its life force is amazing! This natural moisturizer which has high water retention capability to make plants survive in the desert for more than 10 years helps create strong skin barrier and prevents skin dryness. It can also be used as a natural preservative. 

"We do our best to produce cosmetics we can be proud of." – Soo of the Nature

Best Ingredients Essential to Satisfy Your Skin’s Needs. Artificial chemicals formulas can immediately improve your skin condition, but also decrease skin regeneration in the long run. Soo of the Nature combines the best ingredients from the nature and enhances skin regeneration. 

It contains no potential harmful ingredients so that people with sensitive skin and pregnant women can use.

FREE of  Paraben, Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Sulfate Surfactants, Silicone, Mineral Oil, PEG/PPG, Synthetic Dyes, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Benzophenone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Triclosan, Triethanolamine, BHT etc.


The specially processed sheet made of bamboo carbon fiber contains chitosan, an ingredient which absorbs over 99% of heavy metals, removing fine dust and make-up residue, and purifying the skin. The thin and transparent sheet that can adhere tightly like a second skin that prevents the essence from dripping and effectively delivers nutrients to your skin. 


If you have already tried one of the JO:AH's best sellers Snail & Cocoon Silk Sheet Mask Pack, you might be well aware of the amount of essence in this sheet mask. The sheet is thin enough to be transparent and feels soft as well and it adheres very well on face. JO:AH's co-founder Sunhee made a video of her own demonstration. Watch the video!

Quick tip from SunHee – "As soon as I open the package, I soak the sheet in the essence. Then the sheet is extra drenched with essence. When the sheet is becoming slightly dry, try applying the remaining essence on the sheet for extra masking time. Still got some remaining essence? Use it on your hands, body anywhere it needs moisture! Don't waste those extra essence!"