Skincare Tips After A Night Out



Drinking water frequently during or before drinking reduces the concentration of alcohol that is absorbed by the body and replenishes the water that is released into the urine. You must drink water the day after you drink, at this time, it is good for our body to drink lukewarm water slowly instead of drinking a lot of cold water. Water has the ability to release alcohol from the body in a 1: 10 ratio. In other words, we must drink water 10 times more than alcohol. It is hard to drink so much all at once, so drink water as often as you can while drinking! Drinking a lot of water quickly releases alcohol and prevents the skin from drying out, so it helps the skin and also helps to eliminate hangovers.


There are a lot of people who skips cleansing after a long night of drinking. I know, it can be annoying and difficult when you are so tired and you just want to go to sleep, but you know this is a really bad habit. Sleeping without washing your face can be poisonous to your skin. You can wake up with super dry and troubled skin the next day! After drinking, the skin temperature temporarily rises and the pores are opened. If you do not wash your face, the waste matter and alcohol metabolites can enter the pores and cause trouble. So, make sure to remove makeup and to cleanse your skin. Take care of your skin with deep cleansing! Do not forget to apply plenty of moisturizer after cleansing.



Alcohol destroys the vitamins and minerals of our bodies and interferes with blood circulation. When you eat spicy and salty foods with alcohol, your face can be more swollen the next day. If this is the case, it is a good idea to use a cold ice pack, massage your eyes and face. Another great way to restore the nutrients that have been lost while drinking is using a mask pack. Moisturize and hydrate the skin!


Do you have a skin problem the next day after drinking alcohol? Rash or acne? It is easy to get rash or acne because of the toxic substances that are caused by decomposition of alcohol and excessive secretion of sebum due to drinking alcohol. When this happens, do not touch, and use ice pack! By soothing the skin and slowing down the activity of the sebaceous glands, it will calm rashes and acne. It is good to use a product that soothes inflammation such as tea tree oil around the troubled area that has already sprouted.


The polyphenol component contained in the green tea serves to relieve swelling. So it is effective to soak the tea bags in water and freeze them, rub and massage your face and eye area. In addition, it can be helpful to wash your face with green tea. Make the tea with hot water, let it sit for a bit until lukewarm and wash your face with it.


Skin regeneration has not been performing properly, so it is recommended to hydrate the face with moisturising skin care products or use facial packs. Apply the moisturizing cream evenly throughout the face. Using moisturizing sleeping pack or sheet masks before sleep can be helpful as well. Long time masking can cause contact dermatitis, so 15-30 minutes of total masking time is usually recommended. Make sure you do NOT fall a sleep with the mask on your face!


It is good to drain out the waste by half body bath or full bath the next day. Bath is a way to relieve the hangover! However, if you take a bath immediately after drinking alcohol, it may increase your blood pressure. It is better to do this the next day. The suitable water temperature is between 38-39℃, and use few drops of rose oil or other oils if you enjoy aromatic effect. Taking vitamins is also a good way to balance your body!


Have you ever had skin exfoliation while cleansing your face after drinking alcohol? After cleansing the face, there are people who do exfoliate for extra cleansing, but this is not a good habit. If you exfoliate the skin, due to lack of moisture, the skin actually becomes more dry and it can give more harmful effect to your skin.

Now we have shared some tips on how to fight a skin hangover. Hopefully this information is useful for those who loves to drink! Drinking green tea with a lot of antioxidants, eating fresh vegetables and fruits can be helpful as well after drinking alcohol! It is important to have fun but it is also important to take care of your skin!